I have been dancing since I was 10 years old. From Hip hop, Latin dances to Afro dance. 
Dance to me is not only about listening to the music and counting your steps like the regular academical way of learning how to dance. Although, it’s part of the learning process, dance to me is about listening to the music, feeling the beat move trough your body like an electrical sensation,  then move to the rhythm of the beat!!! Dance makes me feel alive. Dance is life!! Not only does it gives me joy, it also keeps me fit and healthy. 
Join my AfroZumba dance fitness class. 
AfroZumba is a fun fitness class based on various African and Latin rhythms and dance moves. The most important thing about exercising is to have fun, good health and feel good in your own body. be the best you can be. Join my SLT AfroZumba fitness class.
My AfroZumba fitness class is a dance class you don’t want to miss! Trust me, you will come out of my class sweaty, energized and happy because you will really work that body to the fullest while having fun! JOIN ME SO YOU TOO CAN SWEAT LIKE THIS 💦😘 
My class is every Tuesday and Friday from 6-7Pm at Nykronborg senter Rogagaten 9, 5055 Bergen/ Norway. Using the sweat cream and Wearing the Sweat Like This fitness belt while dancing gets you really sweaty and extra fit. I would definitely recommend it. 
Note that my class is for women only. I choose to make it available only for women so that all ladies can feel free to let their guards down and just let loose without any worries. My class is also sponsored by Bergen Kommune so it’s free for all my ladies. You are all welcome!