Hello Guys
My name is Charlene Egbe also know as MC Charlene; a Cameroonian born Norwegian based hostess/MC/hype queen , a certified chef , dance fitness instructor, and a Social worker. I am also the CEO of C-enterprise a dance & entertainment company and owner of “Sweat Like This” (SLT) Fitness. A brand that focuses on promoting dance fitness, creating fitness kits and future sport wears that meets the user’s need. 
SWEAT LIKE THIS FITNESS is a brand that focuses on promoting dance fitness, creating fitness kits and future sport wears that meets the user’s need. 
How did I arrive at my sports brand? 
Growing up I have been a sports person, I played football, handball and engaged in other sports, I also love dancing. By the time I was 13 years old I was already dancing and competing in dance competitions and I always wanted to stay fit and agile. 
But after I became a certified chef at the age of 20, I started consuming a lot of fatty foods and tasting a lot of foods while working . I spend less time working out and more time cooking and eating because honestly i love food!! What this meant was that I started gaining weight and develop fat especially around my stomach areas and I felt insecure. I tried using various sports products and belts but none seems to work. The sport belts I tried were not working for me the problem amongst others was that I had to constantly change the belts,  they didn’t cover my whole stomach and it was getting expensive trying to find the right belt.
I wanted a belt that was just one size, with extra cotton for increase sweating, durable, and longer than the regular sport belt sold in the market so it could be wrapped around and give me good back support without feeling uncomfortable. That was how I found my sport belt for my personal use in 2015. The first belt I had made, I used it for two years and it worked perfectly for me. I wanted to stay healthy but at the same time i also wanted to feel comfortable in my own body. It has never been about looking like an Instagram fitness model. I just wanted to eat, workout, maintain my curves and keep my stomach flat. So I decided to start having my own dance classes.
This way even when I got too lazy to go to the gym! I still had no choice but to attend my own dance classes because I love dancing. In 2016 started teaching Reggaeton, then I later started my own dance fitness class called AfroZumba dance for women. Using my personal belt while dancing I noticed how extra sweaty I was. I lost weight, my back was stronger, my waistline just kept getting smaller and my stomach flatter! And I got a lot of compliments. I knew the were people like me who needed a sport belt like this so after a year or two with a lot of self motivation and self encouragement I decided to make it into a brand. 
This is the beginning of the “Sweat Like This” fitness brand. I ordered more belts and shared it with friends and clients in my dance class. Over the years people who have tried the belt have been sharing testimonies of how satisfied they are with the belt.This has inspired me to build a fitness empire. I have always believed that you can do anything that you put your mind into. So with that said, enjoy the products that are available right now and be on the lookout for more Sweat like this fitness products. Hope you love and enjoy your purchase. Thank you for supporting the brand. Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend😉
Warm regards 
Charlene Egbe